What is the inverse of 1 2?

What is the inverse of 1 2?

The multiplicative inverse of 1/2 is 2.

What is the inverse of 0?

The multiplicative inverse of 0 is infinity. The number 0 does not have reciprocal because the product of any number and zero is equal to zero.

What does it mean when two variables have an inverse relationship?

Inverse (or negative) correlation is when two variables in a data set are related such that when one is high the other is low. … The relationship between two variables can change over time and may have periods of positive correlation as well.

What’s a inverse relationship?

Definition. An inverse relationship is one in which the value of one parameter tends to decrease as the value of the other parameter in the relationship increases. It is often described as a negative relationship. … Nonetheless, the general association can be described as an inverse one.

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